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Meet Our Ambassadors

CWC Ambassador Newsletter 2019-2020

See what the ambassadors have been up to!

Trysta Stingley


Trysta Stingley is a second-year student ambassador who is ready to guide students to life at CWC.

portrait of CWC student Trysta Stingley

I chose CWC because it was affordable, close to home and had the program I needed. I was also able to be on the cross country team and work on campus.”


Trysta Stingley is a second-year student ambassador who is ready to guide students to life at CWC. Trysta is also the captain of the cross-country. Her passion for being a successful leader includes guiding others, communicating and receiving input from others to reach a common goal.

You can often find Trysta running on campus or working on campus grounds. She works for the grounds crew at CWC to keep the campus looking beautiful. Trysta also loves to read, run and bake.


Future Goals

To work and live in Spokane, Washington as a dietitian.

McKayley Harrison


McKayley Harrison is ready to help others. She enjoys playing sports, being outside, playing games, and playing with her dogs.

portrait of CWC student McKayley Harrison

I look forward to being a part of the CWC life and being able to help others and represent how amazing CWC is.”


McKayley Harrison is from Lander and is working on a nursing degree. She plans to go to medical school after CWC. She chose CWC because she is a family-oriented person and the minute she stepped on campus she felt like it was one big family.

Her mom is her favorite role model. Her mom earned a master’s degree while raising four kids and working.

“She had a goal and stuck to it,” McKayley said. “I want to be able to have the perseverance that she has.”


Future Goals

Become a nurse practitioner.

Jalon Tyndall


Jalon Tyndall is ready to help students find a club or activity.

portrait of CWC student Jalon Tyndall

There are enough student clubs and activities that anyone can find a group of people willing to welcome them with open arms.”


Jalon Tyndall is a creative person who enjoys writing, debate and playing tabletop games. He is a member of the CWC forensics team and is part of the GSA club. As an ambassador, Jaylon looks forward to being a bigger part of the college and the community.

After his time at CWC, Jalon plans to attend the University of Wyoming and then attend a medical school.


Future Goals

Be a family physician.